Thoughts on the US Presidential Election

Dear Teachers Across the Country,

We envision a world where empathy abounds and all people thrive.

This week has amplified the need for SEL skills and practices immeasurably. Last summer, we ended the Bay Area Institute with a message of hope to “let the heart of education be strong, even fierce when it needs to be.”  Today, that hope is changing our practices, moment by moment.

We hear countless stories and see the profound challenges for you personally, within the classroom, and on your students and families. Each of you are the weavers of critical threads that hold together community and connection in your schools.  

In this shared state of uncertainty it may feel as if you are staying just above water.  Some of us are cautious; others elated.  Many feel distraught, betrayed, and are grieving.

We see more than ever, that nothing could be more important than the skills and tools of social and emotional learning while being open to our students’ development and learning; strengthening inclusive communities and striving to bring about enduring empathy and understanding.

The IFSEL team reaches out to you with our sincere emotional support and some resources for the weeks ahead following the ongoing turmoil in our country, our schools and our hearts over this presidential election.

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